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One of the ideas that grew out of the YP Committee's meeting on February 22 is that of a YP Book Group. Samantha Vroomen (email Samantha@bowmanandwilliams.com) is leading the charge on this idea for the YP group. If you’re interested, we'll read a book each month (or so) and discuss the topic with some fellow young professionals. We'll meet up at lunch (likely in small groups based on location) and discuss topics in the book.  Sam is thinking to have a book group discussion on March 22nd or 23rd.  When we set up the meeting time/day, I’ll send another email and if you don’t respond, we’ll stop pestering you with book group emails.   


Book – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us.

Author – Daniel Pink

Length – 6 hrs listening, 288 pages reading

Initial questions – what motivates you at work?  What motivates your employer? Your employees?

Sam's comments about choosing this book for the book group:

At the YP committee meeting, we discussed how to develop management skills as young professionals.  I spend a lot of time reading (or listening on Audible while I ride my bike), and the best management techniques I’ve acquired have come from a long list of “self-help” books.  [I put “self-help” in quotes because the term evokes a good eye-roll and it also implies that one needs help, which is unsettling for people to admit; really I’m looking for input on a topic I know is important, but that I know very little about.]  I’ve found that these books actually provide a good springboard from which to have really useful, interesting discussions about topics that most new engineers don’t have the opportunity to discuss with their managers or peers.  This led to the idea of starting an APWA book group.

Other books on the proposed book group list:

Power of Moments


Power Negotiating

Start with Why

Thinking Fast and Slow

Flash Boys

Crucial Conversations


Event Date & Time:

3/22/2018  12:00 PM - 3/23/2018  1:00 PM

Venue :

Various , CA , Various

Contact Person :

Samantha Vroomen
Email : Samantha@bowmanandwilliams.com
Phone : (831) 426-3560
Company : Bowman & Williams
Title : P.E.

Registration Items :

For Attendees:
  Free, just show up

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